Building Kids Up

About OT

Fun. Therapeutic. Interactive.

What is OT?

Occupational Therapists (OTs) address "skills for the job of living". For children/teens, some of these include:

  • fine motor skills (including handwriting)

  • visual/perceptual skills

  • social/emotional skills

  • sensory processing skills

  • self-regulation

Mastering these skills enable children to participate in the “occupations” of their lives:

  • play

  • self-care

  • schooling/working

  • relationships with others

OTs are specially trained to provide a "just right challenge" to maximize progress AND success. This promotes a positive sense of self, which is critical for future independence, and social and emotional wellness.





Azure Cutter OTR/L

Graduated from Keuka College in 2004 and has worked in a variety of settings. She has a strong background in fine motor skill and sensory training with all ages. She has three young boys of her own. 




Miel Binford MA, OTR/L

Graduated from Ohio University with a BA in Psychology in 2001, then completed her MA in Occupational Therapy at the University of Southern California with focused coursework in sensory integration in 2004. Miel has a strong background in mental health and group treatment. She also has two young boys and a teenage stepdaughter.