Building Kids Up

Benefits of Group Therapy

Together we can do so much!

Why use group therapy?

Stream Lined Cost

With the ever-changing cost and coverage of healthcare, prices for individual therapy are rising. Skill-by-Skill offers a more cost-effective option to supplement individual therapy for children. 

Social Interaction

Children need exposure to a variety of social settings in order to learn social skills for success. A group therapy setting focused on fine motor skills or sensory skills, will provide the added benefit of exercising social skills. Skill-building is also more fun for children in a social setting.

Peer to Peer Learning

Children learn well from peers, and try to emulate their behavior. Having children practice skills in a group setting allows them to both learn from, and assist their peers. It provides an opportunity to develop confidence and self-awareness, while reducing the pressure some children feel in a one-on-one setting.

Variety of Activities

Groups are fun! More bodies simply allow for more types of activities. Much of the play-based style of learning is dependent on a group setting.

Increased Self-Awareness

Children develop the ability to judge their performance, and learn how to appropriately adjust their behavior in a group setting. In a supported environment, they have the guidance to navigate growth in this area to increase success in all life domains.


Reduced Pressure

Children often perceive less pressure in a group setting. This perception reduces anxiety, enables them to perform to the best of their ability, and maximizes opportunity for learning.