Building Kids Up

Additional Information

Sample OT Groups/Updates

Sample Life Skill Group-1 group of 4 week session

Each group will provide different activities building on the skills from the previous weeks. 

10:15-10:25- Intro Activity/Gross Motor Warm-Up (provide sensory input to promote increased focus, warm muscles up for fine motor work, promote socialization, and build rapport)

10:25-10:55- Group Activities and 1:1 Station Work (specific need areas of group members addressed during this time: social emotional, sensory processing, fine motor, and/or self-care skills )                                                                                   

*Therapists will facilitate all tasks with modifications for skill level and age in order to provide a "just right" challenge for each child.   

10:55- 11:00- Choice Play (to allow kids to decompress, opportunity for further practice of social skills, and therapists to address any additional needs identified during the group with parents)

Azure Cutter