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Sample OT Groups/Cost Comparison/Updates

Fine Motor Sample-1 group of 6 week session

Each group will provide different activities building on the skills from the previous weeks. Activities like writing using implements, cutting paper with scissors, and hole punching will take place towards the end of the 6 week session. Below is an example of one group.

10:15-10:20- Gross Motor Warm-Up (to expend energy to promote increased focus, warm muscles up for fine motor work, and build rapport)

10:20-10:25- Shoulder and Core Strengthening Activities (muscle groups essential for fine motor development)

10:25-10:55- Fine Motor Station Work (3 station rotation)

  1. Strength and Dexterity
  2. Shape and Letter Formation
  3. Grasp and hand/eye coordination                                                                                            

*Therapists will facilitate all tasks with modifications for skill level and age in order to provide a "just right" challenge.  One-on-one time will be provided to each child during station work. 

10:55- 11:00- Free Play (to allow kids to decompress and therapists to address any additional needs identified during the group)

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