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OT Group Sessions, Registration Form.

***There are NO groups available at this time. We are currently conducting a needs assessment to determine how to best focus our future groups and services. To receive updates, please contact us below.***

~Life Skill Group Sessions (8 Week)~

Occupational therapy treatment embedded in a social-emotional skills group. 

Ages 3-18

(for group times and locations see "Group session" Drop-Down in registration form below)

  • 8 week small group-based Occupational Therapy program

  • Led by occupational therapist trained to address skill building with a "just right challenge" technique

  • Group size limited to 6-8 children (based on age/needs of children enrolled) allow for one-on-one time as needed

  • Focused skill areas will be addressed through carry-over from previous weeks

  • Includes assessment administered by a licensed Occupational Therapist

  • Weekly group activities selected specifically for the children enrolled,  based on the needs identified by parents and during initial OT assessment

  • Individualized recommendations provided for home to address identified needs based on assessment and group performance

  • Each group session will address multiple skill areas (fine motor, sensory processing, social, and/or self-care), tailored specifically to the needs of the children enrolled. Please refer to the Home Page for detailed descriptions of these skill areas. If you feel your child would do better in a different age group, please email us or make note in your registration. We are happy to accommodate for the best fit for your child, and the group as a whole. 

Each session meets once per week for a 55 minute group. Cost for 8 week session is $300.* In order to provide our services equally and at a reduced cost, we are private pay only. Discounts will be given for multiple children or consecutive group sessions. 

**Private group sessions available. Inquire for details.

Registration Form

You will receive a payment invoice via email upon completion of the registration form below. Payment must be completed within 24 hours to secure your child's spot in group. 

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*8 week group session cost includes: OT assessment ($50), recommendations ($50), and $25/group fee